24 Jun 2006 15:00:00 UTC-0500 as newlyweds!
We met at Tri-County Baptist Church in the youth group through mutual friends. It all started the summer of 2001! When we went to church camp we started getting to know each other. It was such a blessing to know that we each shared the same faith. That was the ground work and center for our relationship. While we were getting to know each other, the youth group was planning on going on an activity. This activity was the Ohio State Fair. This was the activity that Donovan asked me out!!! We spent the whole day together with our friends and just having a great time. Later that evening, Donovan asked me to be his girlfriend. Because I liked him I couldnít believe that this had happened. That next morning at church I told my closest friend, Mallary! From there our relationship grew.

Our trails began to part when we went off to college, but because of our love for each other it worked. Because we kept God at the center of our relationship I believe that is why we have lasted through our long distance relationship. Donovan and I have been through a lot together including my kidney transplant only one year after we started our relationship in 2001. Heís my best friend and Iím so blessed that our relationship is so strong. God truly answered my prayers for a man that was strong in his faith!

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