24 Jun 2006 15:00:00 UTC-0500 as newlyweds!

Thank you so much to both sets of our parents for giving us so much! What a great testimony you both have been! Thank you for raising us in a way that shows that God should be the center of our relationship as we take this big step in our life together. Thank you for giving us such a beautiful wedding! We canít wait to start our lives together because of the amazing example you have both given us. What a blessing it is to have parents that have shared Godís love in showing us how to love each other. Thank you again for being such great parents that have given us so much more than we could have ever dreamed for a wedding. Thank you! We love you!!!

As well, we'd like to thank our entire bridal party for already pitching in so much time and effort with the planning. You guys are the best!

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